Life Balance Tips for Working Moms

Work. Kids. Daycare. Homework. Soccer practice. Dinner. It seems never ending, doesn’t it? When you’re a working mom, you’re always “on,” whether that means on the clock or on mom-duty. You wear many hats, and sometimes it can feel like something always has to give. If you are a busy working mom of school-aged kids, here are some tips that can help you find the balance you desire.


You’re only one woman, and you, just like everyone else, have 24 hours each day, about 16 of them waking hours. If you’re struggling to get everything done, don’t be afraid to delegate. Depending on your situation, this might mean getting your 10-year-old to load the dishwasher each night or hiring cleaning help each week. It can mean using a mother’s helper on the weekends so you can run errands and do housework without a toddler underfoot. It can also mean depending on your child’s school to handle his or her lunch, rather than spending precious minutes in the morning packing a lunch that might go uneaten anyway.

Establish a Control Center

Choose one area of your home (A counter in the kitchen? A desk in your bedroom?) to act as Mom’s Untouchable Center of Control. This is where you should keep things like spare pens, loose paper (or an extra notebook or two), your calendar, and other tools that make organization easier. It’s nearly impossible to stay cool, calm and collected when you can’t find a pen or you have no idea when your dental appointment is, because your calendar is missing.

Relax Your Standards

When you work full-time and you have children in daycare or school, you probably can’t do everything exactly the way you want to. You might have dust bunnies under the bed, and you may rely on quick-and-easy dinners once or twice per week. Maybe your garden has seen better days, and your child’s Halloween costume was store-bought. If you don’t have time and you don’t want to delegate it, try to just let it go. Your children won’t remember that their birthday cake was from the grocery store bakery; they’ll just be happy that you had the time to let them have their friends over!

You might feel like you’re juggling, but that’s just part of being a working mom. Don’t be afraid to depend on others to help you accomplish everything that you need to get done in a day or a week, and remember that you are probably the only one who notices if everything is not homemade or sewn by hand. You’re doing a great job!