A FULL SERVICE lunch program that is FREE to schools and Businesses nationwide.


My Hot Lunchbox is a hassle-free lunch solution for schools and businesses. Lunch deliveries can begin in as little as six weeks! 

Our services include:

  • Contracting and training of all restaurants to deliver individually packaged and labeled meals on-time
  • Working with our nutritionist to create well balanced daily lunch choices
  • Processing and fulfilling all orders via our secure online ordering system
  • Quickly responding to all customer (parents/staff/employees) inquiries via phone, email or online chat

Do you service my area? We serve schools in the U.S. and Canada and there is a good chance we are already serving schools near you!

What restaurants do we work with? We work with most nationwide chain restaurants as well as restaurants that are local to your area.

What is the average meal cost? Our average cost for a meal ranges from $3.50-$5.50 depending on the restaurants chosen and size of the meal.

What is the deadline for placing an order? Orders can be placed up until 24 hours prior to the delivery day.

What menu options are available on an average day? Our daily menus include a variety of Entrees, Combo Meals, A La Carte Sides and Drinks (Desserts available only upon request). 

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